The Best Liquor To Drink On Ice – Tips For Selecting A Quality Whipped Sherry

Best Liquor To Drink On Ice

If you love mixing up cocktails and drinking a cool, crisp, refreshing glass of ice wine or sparkling water then it’s good to know there’s one liquid you can safely sip on the ice in the evening. It’s called Pimm’s and in fact contains 5 distinct kinds of alcohol. Each kind has its own distinctive taste, so obviously it’s best to ensure you mix it at the right temperature at the right time too. But which one is best for an ice beer? Let’s find out by exploring the 5 major kinds of Pimm’s.

Best Liquor To Drink On Ice

We’ve all heard of Sam Adams, but what about Sam Oswego. The American lager offers up a fresh, light taste with hints of hop, fruit and wood. The best liquor to drink with this beer is still lager, so use fresh bottles. When mixed with cognac, sherry or brandy, this is the perfect accompaniment to a steak dinner, especially when paired with grilled porter.


If you prefer a sweeter tasting drink then you might want to try the Bellaccini. It’s made from strawberries and Campari, Italy’s famous red wine. This is another best tasting alternative to the traditional Martini, which is usually made from dry vermouth or frozen strawberries. For a change of pace, try mixing them with the white Zinfandel, which is fortified and tastes good when chilled. You can also use Campari in place of strawberry if you don’t care for the aftertaste.


Last but not least on our list of best liquors to drink on ice is the apple cider. Apple cider is made from fermented apples and is a sweet, light alcoholic beverage. It’s served at many pubs, and a great option for summer events. Pair it with a martini for a cocktail that’s lighter on the stomach and less fattening. If you prefer a sweeter drink, then try a Vassoura. Made from apples cider vinegar with a hint of vanilla, Vassouras are a nice alternative to Grand Mariner.

Liquor from Japan

Liquor from Japan is appreciated for their variety. While there are some liquor cabinets in establishments dedicated solely to Japanese teas, you can also buy any of these Japanese brews at specialty shops and liquor stores. One very popular brand is sake, which is usually sold in bottled form. There are other Japanese drinks such as soda, a type of dish water, and triage, which is a traditional sake that’s made with special ingredients. There are also other Asian-style liqueurs that taste good when mixed with fruits or seltzer water.

In fact, the best liquor to drink on ice consists of nothing but plain old water. Other hard liquor drinks are hard liquor, ginger ale, and whiskey. If you’re not fond of hard liquor, then there’s always tequila. Many people like tequila, since it’s nice and light on the stomach, and can go well with many foods. But if you’re not fond of tequila, then there’s always ginger ale or scotch.

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