Happier and Healthier – Home Cooking, the New Normal

home-cooked meal

It doesn’t matter if you are still learning the culinary game or you’re a seasoned pro, tapping into your inner chef and preparing a home-cooked meal for yourself or your family can be a rewarding experience.

There are many ways to enjoy the home dining experience. Prepare a fancy dinner with proper table settings and meal courses. Maybe even get dressed up for the occasion. Who says you can’t go out for dinner in the comfort of your own home. Perhaps you’re more of an improvisational, on the fly type of a cook, and you prefer to make it a buffet style because it’s easier. You may be feeding a few picky eaters and to satisfy them means cooking separate meals.

There are always a few variables to consider when cooking at home. How many people? Any dietary restrictions? What are your time constraints? Make sure you have a well thought out cooking plan and use as many hacks as you can along the way. Planning a meal, whether small or large, makes preparation, cooking, and serving easier

Besides proven recipes and a basic understanding of cooking techniques, equipment is one of the most important things to consider because it helps you execute the meal properly. Equipment is so important that professional chefs and seasoned cooks have coined sayings about it. “The right tool for the right job” and “you are only as good as your tools,” are just a few. They are absolutely correct.

Equipment is key.

Your oven is just as important as the sharp knife used to dice the vegetables for the quiche you’re preparing. Properly sized mixing bowls, accurate scales, and measuring spoons are key when making a buttery cake. Always consider the culinary equipment you have in your arsenal before you embark on a recipe.

You made it! Everything went as planned and you impressed them all with a flawless honey garlic salmon. Now the hard part, clean up. Dirty dishes, spoons, mixing bowls, and sheet pans litter your kitchen. The aftermath of cooking dinner at home is something that many of us don’t look forward to. That’s about to change!

Omnipan™ is a revolutionary silicone cookware product that is easy to clean and doubles as a modular designed storage container for food leftovers. Imagine the ease of cooking, serving, and storing tasty food in the same vessel?


Besides the multi-functional use of the product, it has a flat transparent lid to help you stack and store meals in the refrigerator. Cleaning up after cooking a meal just became a whole lot easier. Omnipan can be rinsed with warm water and soap or placed in the dishwasher.

Food prepping is used by professional chefs in restaurants. The shortcut gives them the ability to prepare menu items and ingredients beforehand and then combine them to create a balanced meal. The shortcut just became much shorter with the Omnipan. Do most of your meal prepping in an Omnipan and then cook the ingredients in the same pan. It’s a time-saving step that cuts down on dirty dishes. Leftovers can be stored in the same dish that you prepped and cooked with. It’s pretty amazing!

The less time it takes to prepare, cook, and clean, the more time you have to spend at the table enjoying the tasty food.

Get ready to up your game with Omnipan! Omnipan launches on Kickstarter in March of 2021. Early backers of this unique project will get exclusive discounts. Sign up today and receive a notification when Omnipan goes live on Kickstarter.

James Carsey has been cooking both at home and professionally for over 10 years. As a Graduate of New York City’s Institute of Culinary Education pastry arts program, he has cooked in upscale cafes and restaurants in New York. He holds a Masters of Science degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Currently, James writes for local publications and food blogs. He enjoys hiking and the outdoors.

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