Looking For the Best Liquor to Mix With Sprite?

Best Liquor

If you want to be creative and you are craving for a cocktail, then you should try experimenting with the best liquor to mix with sprite. Most of the common recipes for mixing the drink use spirits like gin, vodka, rum, triple sec, brandy or whiskey. These are actually the popular choices for most bartenders and they may be effective in giving a different feel to the drink. However, there are other options that can be considered aside from these popular ones.

The following are among some of the best liquor to mix with sprite.


This is among the most popular options because it can give a lot of flavor to your drink. Brandy has a sweet flavor that is often combined with fruits to give an overall delicious taste. You can use this option to have a fruity touch on your drinks.


Gin is also among the best choices for mixing your drinks. This flavorful alcoholic drink has a nice flavor that goes well with almost all kinds of drinks. There is no specific recipe that will make this flavor work best. You just have to be creative enough to be able to come up with a drink that is uniquely yours. Try experimenting with various gin recipes to come up with a drink that makes your guests be fascinated.


Another option that you can consider when looking for the best liquor to mix with sprite is whiskey. This alcoholic beverage is very popular in America, and some bartenders even serve drinks that are solely made using whiskey. If you want to add a touch of southern hospitality to your celebration, this is among the best choices to pair with your jalopy.


This is among the best choices for the best sprinter in the world. A simple blend of lime juice, milk and sugar is usually all that is needed to make this drink. However, if you want your guests to have a tingle of the lemon taste, then you can always add a shot of tequila or rum to the mix. The combination of these two flavors would make a drink that would surely excite your guests.

If you want to choose the best liquor to mix with sprite, then you have to consider your purpose of having the cocktail.

Some people like to drink this to relax, while others may look forward to it as a refreshingly cool drink to enjoy before going to bed. Whatever you intend to do with it, always keep the flavor in mind to come up with a drink that will tickle your taste buds. Who knows, you may even become a celebrity mixing this with some other flavors and becoming a famous bartender.

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