The Best Knives For Camping, Fishing, And Home Use

Best Knives

This is a question that most people who are buying a new knife wonder: Which is the best knife to buy? The answer to this question often depends on who you ask it to. For example, a man might say that the Kershaw knife is the best knife and a woman might tell you that it is a Coleman knife. It seems that the knives can be interchangeable because each one has its own particular set of strengths and weaknesses. What is important is that the knife you choose for yourself should be able to accomplish what you need to do with it and at the same time, it should also be able to perform with the level of quality that you expect from any given knife brand.

  • One of the best knives I have ever owned was a Boska Holland. I got this knife many years ago and it lived up to its name. The material that this knife is made out of is excellent and it is fully capable of making even the toughest cutters into a paste. If I had to recommend a high-end knife to someone who needed a durable knife, however, it would be the Boska Holland.
  • Among the other best knives that I own are a Cuisinart grinder, my beloved Coleman cooking utensils, and a wonderful set of Wusthof kitchen knives. My favorite knives are the Wusthof chef’s knife and the Serrated Bread knife. The Wusthof chef’s knife has a very thin blade that is great for chopping and slicing and the Serrated bread knife is perfect for making bread. Both of these knives come in either a 12 or a 13-inch blade and they are made from high carbon steel. The Wusthof kitchen knife is my favorite because it allows me to do just about anything I could do with a butter knife, except mix batter.
  • My other two favorite knives are my Wusthof marine Gatling gun with a 4.5-inch sharp blade and my KitchenAid stand mixer with a 10-inch stainless steel blade. These two tools are among my best friends and I would take them with me anywhere. In addition, my oxo good grips allow me to use them with ease while I am doing different activities that require a lot of hand-to-body contact including washing vegetables and cleaning up raw meat.
  • Last but not least, my Global g-2 multitool. The Global g-2 is a special inox knife that has a clip-in handle so it can be used as both a knife and a pocket knife. It also comes with a wood or aluminum handle that is very comfortable. I have carried this tool all over the world and it still functions well. The Global g-2 is one of the most popular knives on the market. When I buy a new tool, I usually get a Global g-2.

All of the blades of the Global knives are of premium quality and they are made by some of the best knife makers in the world. Some of the best brands include Spyderco, Schrade, and Kershaw. Although stainless-steel knives are great and are the most recommended, there is nothing like a good quality blade made from a high carbon high alloy steel. Since the Global knives blades are made from high-quality steel, it makes them more durable and longer-lasting than any other blades.

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