Recipes That Are From The Best Coleslaw Recipe On Instagram

Best Coleslaw Recipe

Are you looking for the best coleslaw recipe ever? Coleslaw is such a simple, delicious summer side dish that’s a must-try on every summer BBQ (can you say barbecue?) – and you couldn’t be more wrong! This simple coleslaw recipe takes just 5 minutes to make, is absolutely the best coleslaw you’ll ever have (and you can’t stop at a barbecue! ).

  • The secret to the best coleslaw recipe is in the ingredients. Most of them use onions, carrots, celery and green beans, but there are other possibilities that can work as well, such as fresh garlic, zucchini, mushrooms or garlic balls. It doesn’t even need to be the freshest produce in your local grocery store, as long as it gets chopped and rinsed well before cooking.
  • For the tomato-based ingredients, you just need to get a good, large, saucepan (the bigger the better), and a cut of fresh tomato (chunky or thin should work fine), washed and chopped into large chunks. You can then add your desired amounts of either tomato paste, honey (white or brown), and liquid smoke, or liquid herbs and spices (Mary, thyme, oregano, etc.) Add your prepared ingredients and stir very gently. Stir constantly so that the sauce is fully coated with all ingredients and let it cook on the stove for at least 2 hours, stirring often. Check for doneness and immediately remove it from the heat if necessary.
  • Now for one of the easiest and delicious coleslaw recipe that I found via Instagram, I found a savory quiche filled with Canadian bacon along with some sauerkraut. This was my first Instagram meal but definitely not the last! The sauerkraut was a nice touch, added a little crunch and a nice flavor to the quiche. The Canadian bacon provided an excellent basis for the savory flavors of the quiche.
  • I also had some success trying the best coleslaw recipe with chick-fil-a’s famous chicken baked with cashew patties. I chose this recipe specifically because I am a fan of chick-fil-a food and was very excited to try this potluck recipe. I also selected this recipe because I really wanted chicken but didn’t have a lot of time to make it at home, so I looked forward to my chance to try this recipe at the potluck. Unfortunately, I underestimated the thickness of the chicken and ended up eating way too much of it, which actually made me regret the chicken bake! I will have to make chicken baked with cashew patties for my next cookouts.

Overall, these were both delicious meals that came from the best coleslaw recipe on Instagram. I would recommend both recipes to anyone who is looking for a good easy healthy salad recipe that can be prepared in minutes. I am also excited to try other food ideas from this cookbook that I haven’t seen online before!

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