How To Choose The Best Deep Fryer

How To Choose The Best Deep Fryer

If you’re looking for a deep fryers for your home kitchen then you’ve probably come across many different models. From the very cheap, basic models right through to the most feature packed, expensive models, there are so many to choose from. How do you choose the best deep fryer for you?

* You should first think about what type of food you plan on cooking with the best deep fryer. The most basic fryers only have a few dishes, such as fries and chicken batter. Many top of the range models will have upwards of sixty dishes and can cook up to sixty two servings at one time. Obviously the more dishes you can make the better, and the more calories you will be consuming.

* Look at the different control settings and select the one that suits you best. The basic models all have a temperature knob and a separate fan. Some have separate burners, adjustable heat and even separate cycles for delicate foods such as eggs. Those with temperature settings are recommended for busy persons as the food particles will cook faster, keeping the temperature constant for longer.

* Are you going to be using your fryers indoors or out? Both styles of fryers have their pros and cons, but for outdoors use you want to get a basket style that is durable and strong. A basket style which is made from metal or wire will last outdoors for many years. They come in a variety of colours and sizes and are usually stackable for easy storage. Metal basket style cookers are more expensive but will stand up to being used outdoors.

* If you are looking for a deep fryer to cook an extensive range of frozen foods then look for a model with a heating coil and base. These types of cookers are designed to heat your food without having to continually rotate the cooking basket or the oil pan. They are most often made from cast iron and can be a little more expensive than other types of fryers. They tend to give out a good amount of heat but tend to take care of the heating coils.

* For those who are concerned about fuel costs, you can always go the electric route. These types of fryers are equipped with a heating element that uses either propane fuel or natural gas. The propane-fueled units are more expensive but tend to produce better quality oil.

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